Artisan Frame Kitchen by Atelier Interni

Kitchen consisting of two marble islands, veneered wood counter and brass painted metal details

The Artisan Frame Kitchen by Atelier Interni in wood, among the various furnishing compositions with island of the brand always of great aesthetic value, awaits you in the showroom. This high-quality solution organizes spaces by fully enhancing them, perfectly mixing peculiar qualities of practicality and well-studied lines. Visiting our shop means touching the most beautiful Modern Artisan Interior Atelier Kitchens with island on the market, to ensure a peaceful daily routine. This solution will leave you speechless thanks to the practically infinite range of finishes, shades and accessories always available by visiting our exhibition center. The modern kitchens with island are made by the best brands in the sector, among which we certainly also find the well-known and renowned artisan brand Atelier Interni. Kitchens are always subjected to damage from humidity and heat: carefully consider the right type of material as essential as proper maintenance.

Kitchen in marble and metal Artisan frame by Atelier Interni

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