Living rooms

Albert Gold

The living room is the place at home where you will often invite friends and relatives for moments in company, so it must always be welcoming, ...


Flexteam invites you to carve out a moment for yourself, watch TV or spend moments with friends in your refined and elegant designer living room.


Solid and comfortable look for this quality solution, one of many linear sofas in Flexteam fabric, always in durable materials.


If what you are looking for an upholstered model of the best brands in the field of furniture to enrich your home, come and visit us and you will ...


The Flexteam Salotti catalog offers many ideas for personalizing interiors in the name of practicality and aesthetics, focusing on your comfort.

James B

A James B sofa by Flexteam in fabric, like the model in the image, connotes a living room of any kind with style, making it of great aesthetic value ...

Genius Gold

On the market there are various current coverings for your modern living rooms, so that the sofas can always match the remaining pieces of furniture.

Terminal Gold

Solid soul, soft seat and charming qualities characterize the Flexteam Terminal Gold Sofa model in fabric shown in the photo.

Charles B

Take a seat in the Salotti produced by Flexteam: forget the stress in a warm and welcoming embrace and complete the furnishing of your living room ...


Solid soul, soft seat and charming qualities distinguish the Reef sofa by Flexteam in fabric visible in the photo.

Extra Norman

The Flexteam Extra Norman Sofa with fabric upholstery will be a characterizing presence in your living room, thanks to well-designed lines, soft ...

Genius 016

In our showroom we offer a vast collection of linear sofas, some of the ideal components to decorate your living room with style and functionality.

Planet 016

The Flexteam Salotti catalog presents various possibilities for furnishing interiors in the name of functionality and aesthetic content, focusing on ...


Solid and comfortable look for this quality proposal, one of the many relaxation sofas in Vibieffe fabric, always in first choice materials.

With Time

Enter the Salotti signed by Vibieffe: forget bad thoughts in a soft and welcoming embrace and complete the furniture of your living room with ...


The line of upholstered furniture of the brand in question presents several original possibilities to furnish the living room in the name of ...

Discover our Salotti shop

Before furnishing the living room, it is advisable to evaluate the size of the environment and its functions, which will specify the purchase of a padded sofa with two or more seats and armchairs. The Salotti have always been the center of the environment dedicated to conversation and, in particular, to daily rest: the living room is the space where you socialize with family and friends in moments of relaxation. In the living room we will be able to place the upholstered items in various ways, as well as decide on an upholstered item equipped with a comfortable chaise longue or an ottoman, always beautiful to look at. The Salotti host us in the time of relaxation and daily leisure: the upholstered items must always be comfortable and capable of ensuring optimal support for those who are seated, but they must also have a great decorative impact. In the shop you will find beautiful angular, linear or relaxing lounges, but also convertible sofa beds as needed for those who do not have much space but require a guarantee of durability and style. The fashionable sofas and armchairs available on the market provide, for the user who so desires, original accessories with cutting-edge devices to tilt the backrest and extract the seat.


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