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Bookcases are indispensable furnishings in a home of all kinds, as they serve to get the best out of the available space by combining practicality and design, to keep books, magazines and assorted objects neatly. Enhance your spaces with an elegant and sophisticated bookcase model, with us you will find only the most beautiful compositions on the market, ideal for organizing environments in the best possible way by embellishing them.

Equipped walls

When we choose the sizes, finishes and shades for our Equipped Walls, it is necessary to ascertain which stylistic conception to refer to and consider which functions the living room will respond to. The living rooms are the center of each home, so the choice of furniture to be placed inside them is important to ensure total livability, lots of comfort and great hospitality qualities.


In ancient times, in the rustic country houses, the Madie were functional and sturdy rectangular containers in solid wood, used primarily in the kitchen to store bread, different types of pasta and flour. Since the living room is a space dedicated to various activities, for example relaxation, hospitality and even work, it must be of great aesthetic value, equipped with practicality and complete with everything you need.

Living rooms

The fashionable sofas and armchairs available on the market provide, for those who wish, special accessory elements with latest generation mechanisms to lower the backrest and advance the seat. The Salotti have always been the center of the space dedicated to conversation and, in particular, to daily rest: the living room is the place where you can meet family and friends in moments of relaxation.

Hanging cabinets

Nowadays the wall units are practical and multifunctional furnishings, appreciated in recent years above all because, being anchored to the walls, they do not take up space at floor level. Nowadays the wall units are practical and multifunctional furnishings, appreciated in recent years above all because, being anchored to the walls, they do not take up space at floor level.

Tv stands

The choice of the ideal TV stand for you completely personal: the general definition says that, to avoid making mistakes, it is enough to refer to a precise idea of style with the remaining pieces of furniture. Among the different TV cabinets that exist on the market, always charming, you can choose which material, their colors, style and type of supporting system is right for you.

Entrance Furniture

Entrance furniture is essential furniture in the entrance of the house, especially if you want to optimize the space by enriching its aesthetics without running the risk of crowding it unnecessarily. To serve your consultancy activities, as well as to help you arrange various objects neatly at the entrance, the presence of a large and high-quality storage unit will prove essential.


The general rule to avoid making mistakes when buying a table for your home is that you leave the useful space to freely move the seats around it, for a serene daily life. More and more frequently, nowadays, the kitchen is one with the living room and there is no longer a definite differentiation between the two environments: the choice of a good model of essential table.


For the materials of great aesthetic value available for the chairs, there are different original alternatives to choose from: wood, glass, metal are just some of the possible alternatives. The purchase of the ideal chairs to complete your furniture, may depend in particular on the style of the environment and furnishings, with which they are coordinated, and on the free space.


The different bed models of the best brands are available on the market complete or without headboard, with or without a container, minimal or more classic, as well as in different sizes. To make the beds an island of comfort that welcomes us in the evening, we will complete them with quality sheets and pillows, so that they can always guarantee total relaxation.


Available in an infinity of shapes and materials of great aesthetic value, the bedside tables are essential accessory elements in the rest environment and are always made with great attention to detail. The bedside table is a much loved element in the rest area: simple to insert, these pieces of furniture are combined with beds of all kinds, adding value and completing their functional qualities.


Since the wardrobes organize the spaces by fully enhancing them, they are often equipped with beautiful and practical interior accessories, such as drawers, shelves, mirrors and charming LED lights. The bedroom, in addition to classic furnishings such as bed system, com and bedside tables, is completed by different objects: among these, the presence of a spacious and beautiful wardrobe will prove essential.


The rich range of compositions of great aesthetic value for Bathroom Furniture meets the needs of those who want to renovate or furnish this interior for the first time with all the quality guaranteed by the brand. Whether you are looking for an under basin bathroom cabinet, mirrors, bathroom columns, wall units and other trendy accessories, in the shop you will find the most beautiful compositions on the market.


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