Custom kitchens

Limha Matt

Choosing the minimal kitchen Made in Italy Limha Matt MITON Cucine, made of materials resistant over time, means optimizing the spaces by enriching ...

Limha Wood

Thanks to the practicality of this wooden proposal, among Miton's corner ones, you can optimize spaces without sacrificing aesthetics.

Limha Glossy

More and more appreciated thanks to the perfect organization of the space they allow, the custom-made kitchens with island optimize spaces by fully ...

Synchro Matt

With the help of the right type of kitchen among those custom-made with island on the market, it is easy to design spaces, enriching their aesthetics.


The custom-made kitchens with island are made by the best brands in the field, among which we certainly also find the well-known brand Miton.


Among the different custom-made steel kitchens of the brand available from us, there are also those complete with electrical appliances, accessory ...

Custom kitchen shop

Often the housing structures give rise to various problems of space and style that are not indifferent: standard furnishing compositions are not enough now, we need custom-made kitchens. Our interior designers await you in our showroom, ready to direct you during every moment of your project, guaranteeing total final satisfaction and total future livability. If you want one of the most original made-to-measure kitchens, to be sure that they adapt to the measures of the rooms to be furnished, you can see firsthand the most original modular offers on the market. Coming to the store means finding the perfect solution to better organize the spaces of the room with a quality furnishing composition, tailored to find a solution for your practical and aesthetic needs. In our store we reserve for you a great variety of precious materials, textures and trendy accessories, to make you compose the kitchen of your desires with a good aesthetic result and a lot of practicality. Discover the advantages of buying one of our high quality custom-made kitchens and you will be able to furnish the most frequented environment of each home, a place of conviviality and warmth.


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