Nautilus library

This metal proposal is ideal for giving personality to modern rooms thanks to its unique design and first choice materials resistant over the years ...

Library 580

Prefer this 580 bookcase by Napol Arredamenti in melamine: it belongs to the series of modern solutions for the living room produced by Napol.

Library 599

The 599 bookcase by Napol Arredamenti in material will prove to be the ideal choice to enhance your living room by combining practicality and design ...

Library 595

The furnishings for the living room, including Napol wardrobes, are essential both from an aesthetic and a practical point of view: they organize the ...

Library 589

If you have decided to buy one of our modern suspended Napol bookcases, come to the store and let you see charming products firsthand.

Library 500

If you have decided to order one of the most beautiful Napol wall bookcases, then this charm solution will be the best purchase for you.

Library 702

The 702 bookcase by Napol Arredamenti in matt lacquer will prove to be the optimal solution to enrich your living room by combining functionality and ...

Edis 6

In the showroom you can find different models of quality furniture for the living area, just like this bookcase in matt lacquer among the suspended ...

Library 594

Decorating the living room is easy if you opt for the right type of bookcase for your living room, the only thing that matters is that it is spacious ...

Library 584

You can find many models of trendy modern wall bookcases in our shop, with simple shapes or with a more refined design.

Library 552

Keeping the living room in order is not the only task of the modern bookcases that we present to you: they furnish the spaces enriching their ...

Library 701

Here you can find different models of design furniture for the living room, just like this bookcase in matt lacquer among the modern modular ones.


If you have chosen to buy one of our Fimar modern wall bookcases, visit us to show you fascinating products live. The living room, par excellence, ...


You can use this furniture as a multifunctional table top, to store both everyday objects and purely decorative objects. The furnishings for the ...


If you have decided to buy one of the most beautiful Cattelan Italia dividing bookcases, then this charm proposal will be the optimal solution for ...


If you always follow the new trends in furniture with dedication, this high-class wooden solution will be the ideal choice for you.


The modern bookcases of the firm are compositions built with precious materials and guaranteed by its many years of experience in the field of ...

A rich showroom of bookstores

Enrich your spaces with an elegant and refined bookcase model, in the shop you will find only the most original compositions on the market, ideal for organizing environments in the best possible way, enhancing them fully. Bookcases are indispensable furnishings in a home of all kinds, as they serve to better organize the interior by combining functionality and style, neatly store books, magazines and various objects. Whether it is of classic or modern taste, as well as minimal design, your living room requires a beautiful storage structure, always available to contain books, everyday objects as well as typically decorative. The best brands in the furniture sector produce bookcases of high aesthetic value, with sinuous lines rather than essential lines, so that everyone is guaranteed the best purchase for themselves. Since in your living room you will often welcome family and friends as well as spend pleasant evenings of relaxation, remember that it is essential to recreate an environment of welcome, comfort and charm. In the living room, the arrangement of the furniture, the chromatic variety, the style of the furniture and the materials will define the look of the environment as a whole and will ensure total livability in the home.


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