Comp 3

Among the furnishing offers for the sleeping area we propose the Comp 3 bedside table by Voltan, made in matt lacquer, a functional but at the same ...

Comp 5

We offer a large variety of design bedside tables for the sleeping area, which give way to characterize the furniture with a lot of practicality, ...

Comp 6

Looking at our exhibition of matt lacquered bedside tables you will have the availability to discover the appearance and usability of this proposal: ...


Durable materials and practicality and design qualities distinguish the compositions that we present in our store, always with a strong decorative ...


The Com Feel by Fimar in matt lacquer joins the many trendy furniture of the brand, so that everyone can recreate the sleeping area they want.

Forty five

Come and see this model in the shop and all the most exclusive furnishing proposals of the well-known brand, always made of first choice materials.


In the shop you will be able to touch only the most exclusive proposals on the market, a guarantee of all the excellence of the most famous brands in ...

Bedside tables and dressers shop

The different types of bedside tables available on the market can be purchased following a precise idea of style or can be combined with furniture made in desired contrasting finishes. When you want to buy the furniture to match the bed in your bedroom, it is good to consider the colors, lines and dimensions of the model compared to the remaining pieces of furniture in the room. The bedroom is absolutely the most intimate space in our home: to create an always relaxing and beautiful setting, the choice of quality furnishings that are right for you is essential. These furniture are beautiful and practical: they offer a generous space to arrange your objects, they turn out to be a comfortable support surface and completely personalize the look of the room. The bedside table is a much loved piece of furniture in the bedroom: simple to set, these pieces of furniture are placed side by side with beds of all kinds, customizing them and completing their practical qualities. Available in a great variety of shapes and charming finishes, the bedside tables are essential accessories in the rest environment and are always made with extreme attention to detail.


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