Modular wardrobes with sliding doors are essential furnishings in a respectable rest area, tastefully furnished, functional and easy to use. In the ...


This proposal is ideal to be placed in a space equipped with furniture and design accessories, perfectly combining functionality and style.

Thread Two

The built-in wardrobes with sliding doors are indispensable pieces in a self-respecting sleeping area, furnished to the best, practical and easy.

Anta Conca

Anta Conca wardrobe by Dall'Agnese in matt lacquer: it will allow you to complete the room dedicated to sleep, optimizing the spaces and making the ...

Simply door

This solution in matt lacquer, among the different wall models with hinged doors by Dall'Agnese, is synonymous with the resistance of the finishes, ...

Young Hinged Door

The wardrobes are to be chosen by seeking a certain uniformity of style with the bed, with the remaining pieces of furniture and with the atmosphere ...

Strip door

The models we distribute are furnishing items that allow you to relax by creating a soothing setting and contain objects and clothing.

Door Frame

The models we distribute are furnishing solutions that allow you to rest by creating a relaxing setting and contain objects and clothes.

Slide door

Coming to the store means touching only the most exclusive furnishing compositions signed by the renowned brand, always of great value.

Anta Young

Among the different modern matt lacquered wardrobes with sliding doors, the one shown in the photo will certainly add an accent of practicality and ...

Comp 1

In our store you can touch the most exclusive designer wardrobes with sliding doors of the signature, always of high aesthetic value.

Comp 6

In our store you will be able to see live the most exclusive design wardrobes with hinged doors of the brand, always of great charm.

Comp 7

These furniture are placed in the sleeping area, to optimize spaces by embellishing them: you can choose them according to your particular needs.

Comp 9

The bedroom is a room dedicated to rest, which must therefore be tastefully furnished and complete with furniture capable of creating an always ...


Visiting our shop means touching only the most beautiful furnishing compositions signed by the well-known and well-known brand, always of excellent ...


Among the many compositions of the company, this model in matt lacquer fits well into a sleeping area complete with modern beds and bedside tables. ...

Shop for bespoke, corner wardrobes and cabins

The wardrobe can be with hinged doors or sliding doors or, again, a walk-in wardrobe: the choice follows only your style and space needs, according to the shape of the room. The choice of one of the beautiful and functional wardrobe models that we offer will allow you to have a practical space in your room in which to store bed linen, blankets, clothing and various objects. The bedroom, in addition to traditional furnishings such as bed system, com and bedside tables, is completed by multiple accessories: among these, the presence of a large and beautiful wardrobe will be essential. Since the wardrobes furnish spaces enriching their aesthetics, they are often equipped with beautiful and useful interior accessories, for example drawers, shelves, mirrors and fascinating LED lights. In a tastefully furnished room, after the bed itself, first of all a charming wardrobe must be placed, to be chosen in various sizes and in multiple finishes resistant over the years. If you want a respectable wardrobe to furnish or renovate your bedroom, in the shop you will find only the most beautiful trendy furnishing solutions available on the market.


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