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Come and see the ideal type of floor for you and your needs, we only offer products made with the best woods on the market.

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Evaluate this solution from the renowned Milano Parquet brand to ad hoc finish the floors of your home: wood is the absolute organic material.

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The products of the brand are always modular and refined, made using only the finest woods to ensure functionality and ergonomics, versatility and ...

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Parquet, among the coverings, a choice that does not fear fashions as it adapts to each room and gives a touch of warmth and hospitality to the ...

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With the products we offer, you will be able to perfectly complete your home floors, so that they can support your steps over the years with their ...

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The Parquet we present here, a product of great charm as it maintains its peculiar characteristics and appearance unchanged over the years.

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The Parquet Comp 07 by Milano Parquet made only with the finest woods on the market, chosen to create products of excellent workmanship and of great ...

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Evaluate this solution of the well-known and well-known brand Milano Parquet to finish ad hoc the floors of your home: wood is the absolute bio ...

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Wood personalizes the coverings of the interior rooms with great charm, and also participates in defining the style thanks to increasingly versatile ...

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Milano Parquet combines processing and surface finishes that protect its Parquets, so that they are able to maintain their original value over time.

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The pleasant aesthetic appearance of Milano Parquet parquet combines with maximum surface resistance, so that the floor can support your every step.

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The wood of this Parquet Comp 12 by Milano Parquet carries with it a timeless history: it personalizes the style of the interiors by combining ...

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If you want to enhance the floor of your home with style and charm then our rich showroom will be the right place for you.

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The Parquet Comp 14 by Milano Parquet made only with the best woods on the market, chosen to create products of great value and of great decorative ...

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From the most lively shades to the most subdued shades or to the current original tones, the Parquet is nowadays a very versatile, functional, resistant and of great aesthetic value. The great care and dedication with which our Parquets are treated guarantee a certain style and keep intact over time the original qualities of the best woods used. The formats available for the slats are varied, as they must adapt to rooms of different sizes: our solutions are versatile decorations to be applied using professional laying methods. The finishes of the parquet enhance the natural grain of the wood as well as reproduce naturalistic elements, in such a way as to be ideal for completing rooms of any style. The essences among which to range for your Parquet are different and thanks to our original solutions available in our showroom, even home coverings become elements of great design. Parquet gives the floors of domestic rooms a specific effect of warmth, welcome and charm: with them expressive materiality, great aesthetic impact and qualities of strength are combined.


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