Foldaway beds

Store of space-saving foldaway beds

The bedroom is the most private space in the house, even if small in size: foldaway beds, which must be comfortable and beautiful, equip the spaces with logic and rationality. To make the foldaway beds an island of relaxation that welcomes us in the evening, we will complete them with quality sheets and pillows, so that they can guarantee us the best rest every night. The different models of foldaway bed of the best brands on the market are available both complete and without headboard, with or without a storage compartment and bed frame, minimalist or more traditional. The foldaway beds can be bought together with bookcases, wardrobes, bedside tables, com and matching weeklies, or we can choose to combine accessory elements in desired contrast between them. When not so much space is available, various space-saving solutions can be found on the market: convertible foldaway beds, if not used, become multifunctional, practical and beautiful furniture. The right type of bed to choose according to your habits and personal taste, but also to the volumes of the environment: the furnishings must always recreate a soothing and pleasant atmosphere.


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