Identity sofa by Vibieffe

Custom-made modular sofa, linear and in fabric

An Identity Sofa by Vibieffe in fabric, like the model in the photograph, connotes a living room of all kinds with refinement, making it of great aesthetic value and truly welcoming. The furnishings of the lounges must ensure the essential comfort for your rest and that of any guest, in a beautiful and functional living room. Solid and comfortable look for this quality proposal, one of the many relaxation sofas in Vibieffe fabric, always in first choice materials. With the help of the right type of upholstered fabric, among all the modern ones, it will be easy to make the most of a practical and functional living room. The Salotti constitute a truly essential living area, to be designed with care for both practical qualities and aesthetic value. On the market there are various current coverings for your modern living rooms, so that the sofas can always match the rest of the furniture.

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