Comp 11 wall system by Voltan

Roomy and modern equipped wall with geometric shapes

In the living area, you can use the Equipped Walls as a multifunctional support surface, to store both everyday objects and decorative objects. Thanks to the almost infinite range of finishes to choose from, you will have a rich series of modern equipped walls for the living of the renowned brand. The furnishings for the living room, including the Equipped Walls, are essential both aesthetically and from the practical aspect: they equip the space with class. The Comp 11 wall system by Voltan in matt lacquer, a mix of functionality and style guaranteed by the brand, will prove to be the best purchase for your living room. Enrich your spaces with Voltan's modern equipped walls: in the showroom you will find only products with a high aesthetic content, always in durable materials. The equipped walls in matt lacquer are always very welcome in the living room: with this proposal your living room will be a space of great aesthetic value and well organized.

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