Prometeo stool by Ozzio

Modern stool upholstered in leather with quilted interior

In addition to being really comfortable and ergonomic, this leather chair will ensure total liveability in places where you are in company with friends and relatives. In the shop you will be able to see firsthand the most original proposals on the market, among which you will also discover the modern kitchen ones signed by the Ozzio brand. The purchase of the model that suits you, will depend on the style of the place, its measures and functions; some possible alternatives are wood, plastic and metal. At home, the chairs are essential furnishings, which is why we have a wide range of furnishing compositions from the best companies in our store. The Prometeo Stool by Ozzio in leather will be able to perfectly equip the dining area or the living room of your home, combining functionality and style. A good model of chair guarantees a high aesthetic content regardless of the room for which it is intended, as it organizes the spaces by embellishing them.

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