Com Comp 5 by Voltan

Com with a very particular shape in matt white lacquer

The Com Comp 5 by Voltan is a beautiful example of a container perfect for different stylistic settings, resistant and versatile, developed in matt lacquer. The popular Voltan company includes a varied production of matt lacquered bedside tables, characterized by unique design and contemporary functionality. Among the brands of which we are distributors you will also find Voltan, of which we offer one of its design bedside tables, to furnish the room with taste. Among the various furniture offers for the rest area in the store we have a long list of design bedside tables, of which you will have the opportunity to see this model here. The rest area also includes bedside tables: indispensable containers that allow you to sort small things and rely on surfaces to support for different uses. To find inspiration in designing the furniture, here is this proposal for a container in matt lacquer, versatile and precious, to match your furnishings.

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