Com Comp 4 by Voltan

Com with a modern flavor, available in several versions

To complete the rest area, we show innovative ideas that stand out for their functionality and aesthetic appearance, like this model of modern bedside tables. When choosing bedside tables, it is important to check the aesthetics, the workmanship, but also the location, carefully evaluating the size. The Com Comp 4 by Voltan is a special element to contain that allows you to add an extra touch of style to the rest area, with the use of quality materials. By consulting our rich selection of furnishings for the sleeping area, you will be able to take inspiration from a large catalog of bedside tables, including this one by Voltan. Voltan the well-known manufacturer, which offers bedside tables in matt lacquer, which stand out for their aesthetics and the quality of the materials. The containers for the modern sleeping area, like the proposal shown here, harmoniously harmonize with any type of furniture, classic or modern.

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