TV System wardrobe by Fimes

White matt lacquered wardrobe with adjustable support system for TV

The sleeping area is a room dedicated to rest, which must therefore be furnished to the best and complete with furniture capable of recreating an always soothing setting. With the help of the right type of wardrobe, you can complete your sleeping area with style, enhancing the shape and size of the room. Among the different modern wall models with sliding doors, the one shown in the last photo is the sleeping area both from the side of functionality and from the point of view of aesthetics. The wardrobes with sliding doors to be placed in the home are studied with care and dedication, since they must organize the spaces fully enhancing them. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand and the brand guarantees them both: the Fimes TV System cabinet in glass is waiting for you. The models we sell are furniture items that allow you to relax by creating a soothing setting and contain objects and clothes.

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