After choosing the furnishings for your home, you will have to embellish the indoor spaces with the multifunctional complements of great decorative ...


If you want a complement of excellent quality to embellish your furnishings, visiting us will mean seeing firsthand the best proposals on the market.


Class and functionality distinguish the many solutions of the brand, including this proposal of Fiam Pop Mirror in glass with great aesthetic impact.


In the shop you will find the most beautiful ranges of modern accessories which also include metal coat hangers of excellent workmanship and strong ...

Mirror TV

In the selection of quality furniture and accessories for the home, it is essential to combine the qualities of aesthetic content and practicality in ...


Fiam has always furnished our homes with designer furniture and accessory objects, which give the premises an unparalleled beauty and make them ...

Homo Sapiens

Our store managers will guide you in the selection of a good model of coat hanger, so that you can complete the practical qualities and the aesthetic ...


Coming to the store means seeing live all the most beautiful compositions of the well-known brand, always synonymous with excellence and style.

Spillo coffee table

Modern complements, such as coffee tables, add great value to the furnishings of our homes and are multi-functional as well as beautiful to look at.


After you have bought the furniture for your home, you will have to dress up the home with the multifunctional complements of great decorative value ...


Our store managers will accompany you in purchasing the right type of tables, so that it can complete the functionality and aesthetics of the place.

Orlando coffee table

From the bedroom to the living room, these accessories are indispensable objects to perfectly complement the functional qualities and aesthetic value ...

Our rich range of Complements

More and more often, in today's homes, there is no longer a clear distinction between indoor spaces: the choice of Complements that can better organize spaces by embellishing them will prove essential. Not only do they give character to the interiors, but they perform specific functions: only the best accessories can embellish the rooms, perfectly mixing practicality and design. In an interior that is not generous, it is always better to place furnishings with proportionate measures: thanks to the Complements available on the market, of all sizes, shapes and functions, it is easy to embellish your rooms. In the showroom you will be able to see first-hand multifunctional trendy accessories, to be chosen according to the style, size and functions of the room, so that they are coordinated with the rest of the furniture. As for the available finishes, there are various possible alternatives: solid wood, glass, metal alloys, stone, are just some of the most common possible alternatives. The Complements bring a touch of color to the room where we place them or become the protagonists with their lines: they are significant presences in your domestic premises, mixing practicality and design.


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