Tv stands

TV stand curtain

To show the TV and arrange your objects, a TV cabinet in matt lacquer with modern references by Fimar like this one will not disappoint you. The ...

Horizon 882 TV stand

If you decide to give personality to your home with this Horizon 882 TV cabinet by MobilGam, you will be able to optimize spaces by making the most ...

Comp 128 Zenith

Mobilgam offers various types of classic TV stands, which make the walls of the living room an always well-organized space as well as of great ...


In our rich series of furnishings signed by the well-known brand, you will also discover glass TV stands to better enrich your living room.

Comp 107 Zenith

In an almost infinite range of complements of high aesthetic value for the living room, the multifunctional classic TV stands have great importance.

Vision TV stand

The model in the photo, among the many modern metal TV cabinets of the company, will surely satisfy you: it optimizes your living room with ...

Comp Lightning L5C61

This proposal with matt lacquered TV cabinet, one of Sangiacomo's most beautiful proposals, is the solution to set up a charming living room.

Horizon 881 TV stand

To show the television and order your objects, a TV cabinet in material with modern references of Mobilgam like this will not leave you disappointed.

Rack Box

To complete your home with style, especially if you already have modern furnishings, contact us and we will show you the best models of TV stands on ...

Rack Evo

The modern Fimar TV stands in matt lacquer are not only used to enhance your home environments, but also to make the most of the space.


The Mirage TV panel by Fiam in glass furnishes spaces with style and functionality, to give you the opportunity to design them in the best possible ...

501 TV cabinet

The model shown in the photo, among the various modern TV cabinets in lacquered wood of the company, will certainly satisfy you: it enhances your ...

Our selection of TV stands

Whether it is a suspended shelf, a floor or wall base, you will find many TV cabinets of great value and a strong decorative impact, always spacious, resistant and made of quality materials. The choice of the ideal TV stand for you completely personal: the general rule says that, in order to avoid making mistakes, it is enough to confirm a peculiar stylistic line with the remaining furnishing objects and furniture. The living room houses some of the essential basic components in every home, to be welcoming and beautiful to look at:, par excellence, the space dedicated to relaxation, recreation and socialization. Among the various TV cabinets that exist on the market, always of great charm, you can choose which material, color, style and type of supporting system is right for you. In the living room, among the various furnishings present, the TV stand takes on particular importance: a support for multimedia devices, therefore it helps to better organize the spaces with functionality and style. If you want to characterize the living space with rationality and coherence, but you also want it to be beautiful to look at, then one of our original TV stands will be the best purchase for your needs.


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