Comp-304 Mobilgam cabinet

Comp-304 Mobilgam wardrobe: furnish the sleeping area with us with one of the modern wall models

The renowned brand creates wardrobes with sliding doors of all kinds, always in first choice materials, which resist over time and have a great aesthetic impact. Visiting us means seeing firsthand the most beautiful Mobilgam compositions, ideal for solving your unique needs. This proposal in matt lacquer, among the different wall models with sliding doors by Mobilgam, is a guarantee of solidity of the finishes, elegance and refinement. Among the different modern wardrobes in matt lacquer with sliding doors, the one in the photo will certainly give a touch of practicality and design to your room. The furnishings of the sleeping area include, in addition to the bed and bedside tables, also the wardrobes, which are inevitable complements in a respectable room. Comp-304 Mobilgam wardrobe in matt lacquer: you can complete the room dedicated to rest, optimizing space and enriching its aesthetics.

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