Com Cemi 2 by Napol Arredamenti

A wide range of Napol wood nightstands and night groups: discover the Com Cemi 2 model shown in the photo

The rest area is the home environment dedicated to rest and privacy, so the furnishings must recreate an atmosphere that is always relaxing. Using the models that the brand creates, including this Com Cemi 2 by Napol Arredamenti in wood, you will complete the furnishing of the bedroom with practicality and design. The bedside tables find space next to the beds, both coordinated and in contrast with them, and make the space of the room beautiful to look at and well organized. Come and discover this model and all the most beautiful compositions of the renowned brand in our showroom, always built in durable materials. These are usual bedroom furniture, but some models of high aesthetic value find space in other rooms, such as the living room.

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