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Melamine Walnut

The sleeping area is the home space par excellence dedicated to relaxation, so you need to create a relaxing atmosphere by solving your housing needs.

Cabin corner

Function and aesthetics go hand in hand and the brand guarantees them both: the Fimar Cabin Corner Wardrobe in wood is waiting for you.

Panorama Sangiacomo

Among the many modern walk-in wardrobe models with sliding doors, the one visible in the last photo is the bedroom both from the point of view of ...


Among the many compositions of the company, this model in matt lacquer fits well into a sleeping area complete with modern beds and bedside tables. ...


The well-known and renowned brand markets wardrobes with sliding doors of all kinds, always in precious materials, which resist over the years and ...

Melamine Silk

Reliability and comfort are the ingredients that, together with a good aesthetic result, characterize all the modern laminate wardrobes of the Fimes ...

Linear Infinity walk-in closet

Among the various modern glass wardrobes with sliding doors, the one shown in the photo will surely give an accent of functionality and style to your ...

Comp 332

The bedroom is the home space dedicated to rest, so furnishings such as modern wardrobes with hinged doors must recreate a relaxing setting.

Linear walk-in closet

This glass product, among the different Napol walk-in wardrobe models with sliding doors, is synonymous with solidity of finishes, elegance and ...

Comp 330

The walk-in closets with hinged doors are essential furnishings in a respectable bedroom, tastefully furnished, practical and easy to use.

Free Oak

This laminate solution, among the different walk-in closet models with sliding doors by Fimes, is synonymous with robustness of the finishes, ...

Free Wenge

The bedroom is the absolute home space dedicated to relaxation, so it is advisable to recreate a relaxing setting by solving your housing problems.

Walk-in wardrobes

In the shop you can choose all the compositions with wardrobes , built with quality materials and enriched with valuable and fashionable details. Structures of all kinds, nowadays, are built in smaller and smaller sizes and run the risk of making the choice of furniture and accessories too complicated. The ideal compositions for you, among which you can also consider the walk-in wardrobes, await you in the store. The best furniture professionals will guide you towards finding the ideal furniture for you, always ensuring excellent results. In the shop we present different wardrobe solutions, from the extremely compact ones to those completely customizable for you, to ensure you the opportunity to perfectly furnish every space. Indoor spaces are always diversified from each other, both in terms of use and style, but also in terms of size and location.


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