Wardrobes on the wall


Modular wardrobes with sliding doors are essential furnishings in a respectable rest area, tastefully furnished, functional and easy to use. In the ...

Comp 304

These pieces of furniture are used to store clothing and assorted objects, to design spaces enriching their aesthetics and solving your housing ...

Strip door

The models we distribute are furnishing items that allow you to relax by creating a soothing setting and contain objects and clothing.

Bai wardrobe

In the wardrobes with sliding doors we store clothes and various objects and, if equipped with drawers, they can guarantee an additional useful space ...


Visiting our shop means touching only the most original furnishing compositions signed by the well-known and renowned brand, always of great value.

Vertical door

These pieces of furniture are placed in the room, to better organize the spaces and fully enhance them: you can choose them according to your ...

Tecno Hinged Door

This model is ideal to be placed in a place equipped with modern furniture and accessory elements, perfectly combining practicality and design.

Comp 306

The models we offer for sale are furnishing solutions that allow you to relax by creating a relaxing atmosphere and contain objects and clothes.


The bedroom is the home space par excellence dedicated to relaxation, so it is always better to create a relaxing atmosphere by solving your housing ...

Sinua Sliding

The bedroom is a room dedicated to rest, which must therefore be tastefully furnished and complete with furnishings capable of creating an ever ...

Gola wardrobe

The Gola wardrobe by Napol Arredamenti in matt lacquer will allow you to complete the room dedicated to rest, optimizing the spaces and fully ...

Plain Strip

The Strip-Piana wardrobe by Fimar in wood you see in the photograph, among the various modern wall models by Fimar, combines design and practicality.

Built-in wardrobes

With the aim of offering the opportunity to create an ideal setting for you in the rooms available, we present a wide range of design materials. For about the affabilit of our consultants are beautiful and durable furnishing solutions that are right for you, not to mention those with wardrobes. Guided by our store managers in the furniture sector, you will be able to solve space and style difficulties by choosing the furnishing compositions designed for you. We work tirelessly to create furnishing compositions with wardrobes suitable for personal needs, even space-saving and tailor-made for you. With the aim of optimizing residential buildings, especially if they occupy small spaces, it is advisable to choose the furnishings according to the shape and size of the rooms.


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