Zenith 112 Z Wall Unit by MobilGam

Equipped wall with classic lines with wood finish: discover our Mobilgam Home Furniture

The pieces of furniture must create a charming and welcoming environment in the home: if you want to complete classic living areas, the Zenith 112 Z Wall Unit by MobilGam is for you. Since the living room must be an easy and beautiful space to look at, some beautiful and practical furniture such as Equipped Walls is needed. The furnishing compositions with Equipped Walls in Mobilgam wood for classic rooms are waiting for you, to complete your spaces and decorate them with style. This is one of the most exclusive Equipped Walls of Mobilgam: here you can find many classic proposals, characterized by functionality and style. In the living room, furniture such as the Equipped Walls is indispensable, just like the Mobilgam model in the photo: it brings home the excellence guaranteed by the brand. The living room is the interior of the house where you rest every day, chatting with friends and relatives, watching TV or perhaps reading books.

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