Horizon 860 Equipped Wall by MobilGam

Living room furniture and modern fitted walls Mobilgam: discover the Horizon 860 wooden wall model visible in the photo

Being comfortable every day in a space like the living room where you spend a good part of your time, thanks to beautiful and useful furnishings, essential. This high quality wooden solution, among the many compositions of the signature, will make your living space a functional and high aesthetic value. If you are looking for one of the Mobilgam Equipped Walls, you are in the right place: the model in the photo one of its wooden compositions. Among the modern Equipped Walls of the brand, you will also find the model in the photo: the purchase of furniture for the living area is essential. This model represents all the excellence that the brand ensures thanks to many years of expertise and great dedication in the furniture and design sector. If you choose to contact us and our expertise in the sector, you can enrich your living room with the MobilGam Horizon 860 Equipped Wall in wood.

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