Equipped wall 302.20

Napol presents a composition capable of making the living room a livable space furnished with class, thus combining practical and aesthetic qualities.

600 wall system

With Napol Equipped Walls you will have the living area of your desires by mixing practical and aesthetic qualities: the space of the home intended ...

Zenith 128 Wall Unit

Equipped wooden walls are always particularly popular in the living room: with this solution your living room will be a beautiful and well-organized ...

Equipped Wall Horizon 855

Among the modern equipped walls that we present, this one will satisfy you: one of the most original compositions of Mobilgam, perfect for a ...

Horizon Wall Unit 03

Thanks to the practically infinite range of finishes to choose from, you will have a rich collection of modern equipped walls for the living of the ...

Horizon Wall Unit 08

In the living room, you can use the Equipped Walls as a multifunctional support surface, to store both everyday objects and decorative objects.

Equipped wall 802

The furnishing compositions with Equipped Walls in lacquered wood by Napol for modern rooms await you in the shop, to complete your spaces and ...


In a room where you spend a good part of the day, such as the living room, the space must always be easy and beautiful to see for a peaceful everyday ...

Lightning L5C42

If you want to optimize spaces with a touch of style, Sangiacomo's Lampo L5C42 Composition in material available here will prove to be the ideal ...

Lightning L5C18

Sangiacomo Equipped Walls tell of the company's many years of experience and great dedication to everything that has to do with furniture and design.

Equipped Wall Horizon 862

This proposal in matt lacquer of excellent workmanship, among the various furnishing compositions of the brand, make your living room a functional ...


If you want to follow a precise stylistic concept when choosing furniture for your home, choose our modern equipped walls.

Walls equipped in material

If you are looking for furnishing solutions with Equipped Walls in different beautiful and resistant finishes, do not miss the opportunity to visit us. We are the ideal place to meet the most skilled interior designers, receive advice on new trends and choose which materials meet your needs. Expressing your needs with furnishings will no longer be a problem thanks to the material compositions available in the store, designed to find answers to everyone's needs. We offer an infinity of furnishings in different aesthetically beautiful finishes, among which you can also evaluate multiple Equipped Walls in material . In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we provide assistance in the design, with relief measures and with delivery and assembly. The compositions personalize the interior rooms, so the furniture must be carefully selected.


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