Beds with container


The products made in leather by the brand give your bedroom a touch of style and charm, for a space devoted to maximum comfort.


The modern padded double beds of the Cattelan Italia brand will guarantee you the best rest every night, full comfort, welcome and warmth.


In our store you will find what you need to furnish your bedroom with charm and elegance, with the best modern beds on the market.


In the relaxation room, the furniture must create a relaxing atmosphere, to let you regenerate the psychic and physical energies you need.


The modern double beds with container of the Vibieffe brand will ensure you total relaxation every night, total comfort, welcome and warmth.

Super Soft

When buying a good model of bed, carefully evaluate its measures, finishes, shape and its peculiar style compared to the rest of the furnishings.

Forty five

The right type of bed must follow your personal style and a precise stylistic coherence, as long as it is well suited to the measures and functions ...


The design products that we present in our showroom are ideal for stylishly furnishing the place dedicated to daily rest and privacy.


In our showroom you will be able to see live the various wooden proposals by Fimar, among which you will also find double models with container.


The products made in wood by the brand give your room a touch of elegance and charm, for a space devoted to full comfort.


The bedroom must be well furnished, so that it can ensure total livability and recreate a soothing setting.


The products of the best brands that we offer in our store are ideal for tastefully furnishing the place dedicated to daily sleep and privacy.

Beds with storage

In our showroom you can evaluate numerous compositions with beds with container , which can be contextualized in rooms of different sizes. Contemporary homes, but also buildings of other types, are frequently built to maximize space: thus the total freedom of choice of furniture is limited. The most trained professionals will follow you during the purchase of different configurations of beds, in many durable materials and also with storage. The goal that we propose is to create space-saving and tailor-made for you, which are able to find a solution for space problems and create a refined visual effect.


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