Beds singles

Maya bed Mod 8

With its peculiar qualities, the model you see in the photo represents all the excellence guaranteed by the brand and its many years of experience.

Be Max Mod 2 bed

The products made in fabric by the brand offer your bedroom a touch of elegance and charm, for a space devoted to full ease.

Maya Barr Twils

The modern upholstered single beds of the Twils brand will ensure you the deepest sleep every night, total comfort, cosiness and warmth.

Frick Basso bed

The products made in fabric by the brand give your sleeping area a touch of elegance and charm, for a space devoted to full comfort.

Vision Boiserie

In the shop you will discover the complete range of single space-saving models in fabric of the renowned brand, always made of quality materials.

Carnaby bed 2

The bedroom is the space in the house that best reflects the personality of those who frequent it, a place dedicated to rest, relaxation and privacy.

Maya Triangle bed

Among the Twils fabric models, here is a proposal of great taste, which embodies all the quality guaranteed by the brand's many years of expertise in ...

Boiserie Set

Since the models we have in our showroom are reliable and with a certain style, it will be easy to furnish your bedroom with taste.

Maya Sofa Bed Mod 5

The products of the most famous brands that we present in our store are ideal for tastefully personalizing the space dedicated to daily sleep and ...

Camaleo Twils

Modern single beds are beautiful and practical furniture, essential in a respectable rest area, so that it is best furnished and enveloping.

Maya Single Bed

When buying a good model of bed, carefully evaluate its measurements, finishes, shape and its particular style compared to the rest of the ...

Max Capitonn bed

In the shop you can buy what you need to furnish your bedroom with charm and elegance, with the best modern beds on the market.

Single beds

For total livability in your sleeping area, you need to ensure a long and deep rest and it also depends on the size of your mattress. Let us accompany you in a wide range of products that we distribute, all in first choice materials and resistant over time, at reasonable prices and of excellent quality, among which you can also find single ones. Here you will discover how important the purchase of beds is to complete the sleeping area of your desires in a timely manner, with the aim of ensuring total relaxation. Do not miss the opportunity to receive the suggestions of the experts in the bed sector, they will be happy to show you the ones that best suit your space and comfort needs.


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