Beds matrimonial


The design double beds are beautiful and functional furnishings, inevitable in a self-respecting sleeping area, so that it is tastefully furnished ...


The bed with container Feel by Fimar Fimar Mobili in wood can be placed in a sleeping area of any kind, organizing the spaces by combining charm and ...

Taj Hybrid bed

If you are looking for one of our models with a double headboard, coming to the store will allow you to see firsthand only the most original ...


The bedroom is the most private space in the house, aimed at daily relaxation, so the furniture must always recreate a relaxing setting.


Since the models we have in our showroom are reliable and stylish, it will not be difficult to organize your room with taste.

SP2802 High bed

Visiting us means touching the most original fabric furnishing proposals of the well-known brand, including those ideal for design rooms.

Lady B

The products made in fabric by the brand offer your bedroom a touch of style and charm, for a space devoted to full ease.

Febo X

Visiting us means touching the most beautiful leather furnishing proposals of the well-known brand, including those ideal for modern premises.


Among the double beds with headboard on the market, the model shown in the photo will guarantee you total relaxation every night and optimal ...

Comp 9

Visiting us means seeing firsthand the most exclusive melamine furnishing proposals of the renowned brand, including those ideal for modern premises.


We have a rich offer of upholstered double beds for all expectations related to rest, in quality materials that last over time.


The right type of bed must follow your personal style and a particular idea of style, only the fact that it adapts to the measures and functions of ...

Double beds

In the shop you will discover how important is the purchase of beds to complete the sleeping area of your dreams in the ideal way, in order to provide you with total relaxation. Do not miss the opportunity to get the advice of the experts in the bed sector, they will be happy to show you the ones that best suit your space and comfort needs. For total livability in your sleeping area, you need to get a long and deep rest and it also depends on the size of your mattress. Let us guide you in an infinity of products that we resell, all in quality materials and resistant over time, at reasonable prices and of excellent quality, among which you can also evaluate the double ones.


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