Comp-316 Mobilgam cabinet

Mobilgam built-in wardrobes with sliding doors await you: discover the Comp 316 model in the photo

The wardrobes must be chosen by seeking a certain stylistic continuity with the bed, with the remaining pieces of furniture and with the atmosphere of the destination room. Comp-316 Mobilgam wardrobe in glossy lacquer: it adds to the different furnishings for the bedroom of the Mobilgam signature, always made of quality materials. In our store you will be able to see live the most exclusive modern wardrobes with sliding doors of the signature, always of great aesthetic value. This is the ideal solution to be placed in a space equipped with modern furniture and accessory elements, perfectly mixing functionality and style. The rest area is the absolute home space dedicated to relaxation, so it is always better to recreate a soothing atmosphere by solving your housing needs. The cabinet visible in the photo stands out for the excellence of the materials and for the elegant design, proving to be perfect for completing the practical qualities of the room.

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