Comfort zones

In the living rooms of modern homes, fabric sofas meet the specific expectations of the room dedicated to rest, recreation and socialization.


The Glam sofa by Vibieffe in fabric, among the various models of Vibieffe design salons, an example of all the excellence guaranteed by the ...

Mr Jones

On the market there are many fashionable coverings for your design salons, so that the sofas can always match the remaining pieces of furniture.


If what you are looking for an upholstered model of the best brands in the field of furniture to enrich your home, come and visit us and you will ...


The Land Sofa by Alivar in leather, among the different models of Alivar's modern living rooms, an example of all the excellence guaranteed by the ...


Very high comfort for this high quality solution: among the many corner sofas by Vibieffe, it stands out for its practicality and design qualities.


Solid soul, soft seat and charming qualities distinguish the Reef sofa by Flexteam in fabric visible in the photo.


In our store, expert furniture store managers will accompany you in choosing the most beautiful modern living room proposals of the most famous ...


The Queen sofa by Vibieffe in fabric, among the different models of classic Vibieffe living rooms, an example of all the excellence guaranteed by the ...


The furnishings of the Salotti must ensure the essential comfort for your rest and that of any guest, in a beautiful and functional living room.


To better organize the living room of your home with functionality and style, here is one of the most peculiar proposals for sofas with beds in ...

James B

A James B sofa by Flexteam in fabric, like the model in the image, connotes a living room of any kind with style, making it of great aesthetic value ...


For contemporary compositions by Salotti, opt for proposals with sofas with essential lines, while for more traditional ones, opt for solutions made with quality materials with sinuous lines and in warmer or neutral shades. Come to us in our store and the most trained consultants will be happy to guide you towards the various proposals we sell, focusing on your needs and your personal style. Come and discover the compositions available in our store to perfectly enhance the indoor spaces of your desires, our many years of competence in the field of furniture will not leave you disappointed. The compositional solutions of Salotti of every style, be it linked to tradition, modern or minimal chic, require a large variety of accessories to be completely practical. Among the compositions for the living area, those complete with sofas have a particularly important position, as they give functionality and style to every type of living room.


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