Zenith 102 Z Wall Unit by MobilGam

Furniture for the living area and classic Mobilgam Equipped Walls: discover the Zenith 102 Z wooden wall system model shown in the photo

With Mobilgam Equipped Walls you will have the living room of your desires by combining practicality and aesthetics: the space of the home aimed at relaxation and recreation. Among the classic Equipped Walls that we present, this one will satisfy you: one of the most original compositions of Mobilgam, perfect for a sophisticated stay. The Mobilgam Equipped Walls narrate the many years of experience and great dedication of the brand for what concerns furniture and design. If you want to make the most of the space with a refined aesthetic, the MobilGam Zenith 102 Z Glass Wall Unit featured here will prove to be the perfect purchase for you. Remember that in the living area you will often host friends and relatives, so the furnishings must create an environment of livability, hospitality and charm. In an environment where you spend a good part of your time, such as the living room, the space must always be well organized and beautiful to see for a peaceful everyday life.

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