Libera 45 wall system by Ronda Design

Modular storage wall with penisyles and magnetic metal compartments

The model in the photo is one of the most exclusive modern equipped walls of the brand: in the store you will find the perfect proposal for your living room. Ronda Design proposes a composition capable of making the living room a livable space furnished with class, thus combining practical and aesthetic qualities. Made of durable materials, the Metal Equipped Walls furnish the living room with class and make the interior easy and of great aesthetic value. Among the many furniture for the living room we have, we offer you a well-made metal equipped wall, perfect for combining functionality and style. If you want to follow a certain stylistic concept when buying furniture for your home, choose our modern Equipped Walls. The Libera 45 wall system by Ronda Design fits well into a practical living room of great aesthetic value: our modern wall units await you.

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