Chairs from the kitchen

Net Stool

The right type of kitchen chair for your home will be defined on the basis of the style of the environment, the size and shape of the space and ...


The Kay chair by Cattelan in metal warms the home environment, while the matching table will make the destination room completely livable.


With the help of the right type of seat, among the modern fixed ones of Cattelan Italia, you can enhance the spaces of the house by furnishing them ...


The chairs organize the dining area and the living room of the house, defining the spaces with logic and rationality and optimally combining ...


In the store you can buy one of the brand's fixed chairs proposals, as well as let our expert store managers follow you during your choice.


In addition to fulfilling an essential function, this furniture can also emphasize an interior that is anonymous and without accessories.


In addition to being really comfortable and ergonomic, this metal chair will ensure total livability in the places where you socialize with family ...


The purchase of the model that's right for you will depend on the mood of the environment, its dimensions and functions; some possible alternatives ...


With the help of a good model of chair, among the modern fixed chairs by Cattelan Italia, you can enrich the spaces of the house by equipping them ...

Fallback Stool

Coming to the store means touching only the most original modern kitchen chairs designed by Ozzio, among which you will also discover those stools.


The Victor Stool by Ozzio in leather will be able to perfectly equip the dining area or living room of your home, mixing features of functionality ...


With the most original modern proposals, you can embellish your spaces with style and functionality, with all the guaranteed quality of Alivar.

Kitchen chairs

If you wonder which are the compositions with chairs most suitable for you and for the interior spaces of your home to be furnished, do not miss the opportunity to visit us: our furnishing consultants will be able to provide you with all kinds of advice in the field of furniture, as well as following you in the choice of kitchen chairs proposals ideal for you, to furnish the spaces available according to what the rooms themselves need to guarantee you a peaceful daily life. A self-respecting living area, that is an excellently furnished environment, certainly contains furnishing proposals with a decisive design that reflect your personal taste, so even the compositions of chairs must adapt to the surrounding environment. In a living area, furniture, including chairs and accessory elements, must be adapted to a specific style and highlight the environment according to a traditional, contemporary or minimal design style. In the kitchen environment, whether classic or contemporary, compositions are needed with very resistant and long-lasting chairs , as they have to withstand the action of humidity and chemicals.


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