Kart bedside table by Dall'Agnese

Bedside table, com and septet in wood with a material effect

The containment furniture for the modern bedroom, like the model we show you, harmoniously matches any context of furniture, of classic or modern style. The Kart bedside table by Dall'Agnese a special container that allows you to give the sleeping area a touch of additional style, with the use of excellent materials. When selecting bedside tables, remember to evaluate the style, the workmanship, but also the available space, seeing the overall dimensions well. Dall'Agnese the well-known manufacturer, who makes wooden bedside tables, which are characterized by style and the excellence of the materials. By observing our diverse selection of bedroom pieces you will be able to take inspiration from a large catalog of bedside tables, including this one from the Dall'Agnese brand. To furnish the sleeping area we exhibit new ideas that are recognized for their functionality and aesthetics, such as this solution of modern bedside tables.

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