Tube bed by Vibieffe

Very particular bed, with very large headboard in leather and fabric

With its original features, the model you see in the image represents all the excellence guaranteed by the brand and its many years of experience. The modern double beds are beautiful and practical furnishings, essential in a self-respecting sleeping area, so that it is well furnished and comfortable. In the relaxation room, the furnishings must create a soothing atmosphere, to let you restore the psychophysical energy you need. Durability of finishes and great comfort are the aspects that characterize the brand's products, including the Vibieffe Tube Bed in fabric. The products of the best companies that we present in the store are ideal for tastefully embellishing the environment dedicated to daily rest and privacy. In the showroom you will have the complete range of models with double headboards in fabric of the well-known and well-known brand, always made of precious materials.

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