Regolo Mobilgam bed

The Regolo Mobilgam bed enhances the sleeping area, guaranteeing you the best rest and careful stylistic research

With its peculiar connotations, the model you see in the photo brings with it all the excellence guaranteed by the brand and its many years of experience. Reliability of materials and great comfort are the ingredients that characterize the products of the firm, including the model in the photo. The quality products that we present in our showroom are ideal for tastefully furnishing the place aimed at daily sleep and privacy. In the rest room, the furniture must recreate a relaxing atmosphere, to let you regenerate the psychic and physical energies you need. Here you will discover the vast collection of upholstered wooden double models of the renowned brand, always made of durable materials. Modern double beds are beautiful and functional furniture, essential in a respectable rest area, so that it is well furnished and welcoming.

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