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Interior design lighting is an important component in home furnishings, as it perfectly combines great features of functionality and style.


L Interior design lighting used to provide indirect light in a room or to enhance a corner of the house, an element in detail or a complement.

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Interior design lighting is a key component in home design, as it perfectly combines great features of functionality and style.

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Interior design lighting contributes to diffuse light in an environment or to emphasize a corner of the house, a particular element or a complement.

Stylus X3

In our store we follow you in designing home lighting with lights: come and see live the solution that's right for you.

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In the shop we offer the most efficient lamps on the market to meet every expectation: the most original quality proposals await you.

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The renowned brand will fascinate you with proposals of great value for your home, the result of research on fashionable finishes and technology.

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With its proposals for domestic lighting, Riflessi proposes cutting-edge lighting projects, both for quality finishes and for technology.

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In the store we present the best solutions that the brand produces for those who want to optimally illuminate their home with functionality and style.

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Cattelan Italia, expert in the lighting sector and offers a rich collection of suspension lamps for interiors, ideal for your housing needs.

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Lighting is an important part of each environment as it accompanies all the gestures we make: design and technology are best mixed.

Led Loop T

The Led Loop T lamp by Riflessi in glass can propose original atmospheres with light, as well as complete the aesthetic value of the furniture as a ...

Design lighting

For your needs do not hesitate, but enter our store and, with the help of our furniture consultants, you can evaluate the lighting design that is right for you. A wide range of furnishings and many innovative ideas offer the opportunity to customize the interiors, giving life to peculiar captivating and welcoming atmospheres. If you are looking for Design lighting to complete your home, visit us: we are the right place to meet our interior designers. Look at the varied range of furnishings from us, it will be easy to frame the furnishings that are right for you and receive any kind of advice. Thanks to the safety of first choice and beautiful materials, you will have the opportunity to ad hoc furnish the interiors, with charm and class, following the taste of each one. The most skilled interior designers will guide you in furnishing your premises, but will also guarantee you a visit for relief measurements and assembly.


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