Parquet Comp 04 by Milano Parquet

Parquet suitable for a modern and design house in light wood

Come and see with us the most exclusive Milano Parquet solutions we offer: discover our Parquet and make it the main actor of the available spaces. Floors of this type combine well with current or more classic furnishings, both in a large house or in an apartment, enhancing the room. The brand's products are always versatile and refined, built using only the best woods to ensure ergonomics and safety, versatility and style. Parquet, among the coverings, a choice that does not fear fashions as it adapts to each room and gives a touch of warmth and hospitality to the atmosphere of the home. The Parquet Comp 04 by Milano Parquet developed with eco-sustainable raw materials and of excellent quality: the brand selects only the best woods for its compositions.

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