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Stratos Keramik Premium table

One of our models of modern fixed tables will be able to perfectly furnish the dining room or living room at home with practicality and design.

Monaco table

Look at this model and all the metal dining proposals by Cattelan Italia in the shop: there will be models that are ideal for modern venues.

Eclipse Wood

Tables are inevitable furniture in every home, as they optimize the dining area, the kitchen or an open space living area with functionality and ...

Cut 2

If you intend to renovate the pieces of furniture you have at home or buy them for the first time, with us you will be able to see the different ...

Premier Wood Drive

If you intend to change the pieces of furniture you have at home or buy them for the first time, here you can see live the different Cattelan Italia ...

Roll Keramik

The Roll Keramik table by Cattelan in metal, which is ideal for characterizing the style of the environment by mixing features of functionality and ...

Belle Epoque

In the store we offer an almost infinite choice of dining furniture compositions, including the Belle Epoque table by Reflex in wood of great ...


For meals around the table, for parties as well as simply to talk to family and friends, it will be essential to have the right type of table at home.


Come and see this solution and the other wood dining proposals by Dall'Agnese in the store: ideal models for modern premises cannot be missing.

Skorpio Keramik Round

The dining model visible in the photo belongs to our vast collection of modern fixed tables by Cattelan Italia, always made of quality and resistant ...


This glass proposal warms the atmosphere of the home thanks to its peculiar qualities of charm, optimizing spaces perfectly and embellishing them.


The dining room and the living room are domestic environments par excellence dedicated to conviviality, where you are together around the table with ...

Modern tables

In the shop you can choose the compositions with multi-functional and high quality modern tables . If you come to visit us, experienced interior designers will show you the most beautiful combinations and design the indoor spaces you have with great knowledge. We will be able to provide you with advice to select the shape and materials of the furniture, researching your tastes and ensuring you an inspection for the measurement of spaces. Our interior designers will be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal furniture for expectations of class and functionality, perfectly combining practical and aesthetic qualities. The interiors, where functionality and ergonomics are required, reflect the style of those who frequent them, for this reason the choice of furniture is fundamental. To guarantee you the most suitable modern table configurations for the size and mood of the interiors, please contact us.


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