Tables in laminate


The dining room and the living room are domestic environments par excellence dedicated to conviviality, where you are together around the table with ...

Bridge console

The dining model shown in the photo belongs to our vast series of modern console tables by Riflessi, always made of durable and resistant materials.


If you want to change the pieces of furniture you have at home or buy them for the first time, with us you can touch the different Bontempi fixed ...


This laminate proposal warms the home atmosphere thanks to original charming qualities, optimizing spaces to perfection and embellishing them.

Glass Console

In the showroom you will have the most beautiful dining proposals signed by the well-known and renowned brand, always made of quality materials ...


Quality and attention to detail make the range of compositions of the company recognizable, which always guarantees total customer satisfaction once ...


The Diamante table by Dall'Agnese in laminate, which adapts to define the atmosphere of the place by combining features of functionality and style, ...

Echo In

The Echo In table by Bontempi, combined with the chairs, embellishes the mood of the domestic rooms par excellence dedicated to hospitality.


These furnishings, in addition to responding to an indispensable role, can enhance the interiors thanks to first choice materials and unique design.

Pedro Drive

If you want to renovate the furniture you have in your home or buy it for the first time, you will be able to see firsthand the many Cattelan Italia ...

Radar XL

In the living room or in the kitchen, the tables are fundamental elements, which make the mood of the environment recognizable, playing a truly ...

Board 2

The dining area and the living room are absolutely home environments dedicated to conviviality, where you chat around the table with friends and ...

Laminate tables

Currently embellishing the interiors with elegance and charm, with attention to first choice materials and unique details, of primary importance. With the aim of combining aesthetics and functionality to perfection, the best professionals will support you in the purchase of furniture with passion and affability. Enter the showroom, as we are the ideal place to meet professionals and take advantage of innovative advice regarding the evolution of design in terms of laminate tables. We offer the opportunity to be supported by the project of the available places, in order to offer advice tailored to individual wishes. Feeling at ease in environments where a good part of the indispensable time is spent, therefore the purchase of furniture is essential. The rich series of furnishing compositions that we present allows everyone to touch the most beautiful proposals of laminate tables .


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