Tables extendable

Eclipse Wood

Tables are inevitable furniture in every home, as they optimize the dining area, the kitchen or an open space living area with functionality and ...

Premier Wood Drive

If you intend to change the pieces of furniture you have at home or buy them for the first time, here you can see live the different Cattelan Italia ...


For meals around the table, for parties as well as simply to talk to family and friends, it will be essential to have the right type of table at home.


The dining room and the living room are domestic environments par excellence dedicated to conviviality, where you are together around the table with ...


In the showroom you will find the most beautiful dining proposals signed by the well-known and renowned brand, always made of durable materials ...


A respectable table must be made of durable materials, so that it is resistant and over the years preserves the aesthetic value that characterizes it.

Shanghai Ceramics

These pieces of furniture are the central point of socialization at home: around the table we meet with friends and relatives for evenings with ...

Zeus Drive

The Zeus Drive table by Cattelan in metal, which is ideal for defining the mood of the room by combining practicality and design, is waiting for you.

Eliot Keramik Drive

To avoid making mistakes, choosing the ideal solutions for you must take into account the style of the furniture, the size of the environment and ...

Lotus Exentable

The extendable tables for the dining area or for the living room must be chosen with great care, so that design and dimensions are well suited to the ...


A self-respecting table must be made of durable materials, so that it is resistant and preserves the aesthetic qualities that characterize it over ...


If you want to replace the furnishings you have at home or buy them from scratch, here you will be able to see live the many Bontempi extendable ...

Extendable tables

Our consultants will follow you during the choice of various table solutions, in many first choice materials and also extendable. The aim we set ourselves is to offer extremely compact and custom-made products that can solve space problems and create an elegant visual effect. In our showroom you can evaluate many furnishing proposals with extendable tables , which can be contextualized in domestic environments of various sizes. Contemporary houses, but also other types of structures, are often built by optimizing space to the maximum: in this way the complete freedom of choice of furniture is limited.


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