Speed Up 04 bookcase by Dall'Agnese

Wall bookcase in glass, wood and lacquered with sliding doors

Here you can find different furniture models of the most famous brands for the living room, just like this bookcase in matt lacquer among the modern wall ones. Among the producers of bookcases of great value there is certainly the Dall'Agnese brand, which also offers wall-mounted ones in matt lacquer. The Speed Up 04 bookcase by Dall'Agnese is ideal for giving personality to your spaces: the different solutions of the brand will allow you to optimally equip your living room. Keeping the living room in order is not the only task of the modern bookcases that we present to you: they equip the spaces by enriching their aesthetics. A bookcase will prove to be an essential presence in the living room: it gives us the opportunity to create a well-studied and continuous space, as well as beautiful to look at. In the house there are different types of furnishings, which are distinguished in particular according to the destination room and their practical and aesthetic qualities.

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