Side 13 living room with container and swivel TV stand by Fimar Fimar Mobili

This Side 14 bookcase in lacquered wood with modern lines is one of the Fimar living room furniture ideal for getting the best out of the available space

If you have chosen to order one of the most original Fimar modular bookcases, then this fascinating proposal will prove to be the optimal solution for you. Keeping the living room tidy is not their only task, as they are furniture capable of enhancing the mood of the room with a high aesthetic content. The brand's modern bookcases are furnishing solutions made with quality materials and guaranteed by its many years of experience in the furniture sector. In the living room, a bookcase allows you to keep various objects, books and newspapers in view and in order, completing the mood of the furniture with a precise logic. Opt for this Side 13 Living Room with container and swivel TV stand by Fimar Fimar Furniture in lacquered wood: belonging to the collection of modern solutions for the living room made by Fimar. Furnishing the living room is easy if you choose the best type of bookcase for your living room, the only thing that counts is that it is spacious and pleasant.

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