Bookcases on the wall

M5C56 mode

The Modo M5C56 wall system by Sangiacomo in material will prove to be the best purchase to enrich your living room by mixing functionality and style ...

M5C66 mode

You can find several models of quality modern wall bookcases in our shop, with simple shapes or a more sophisticated design.

Library 594

Decorating the living room is easy if you opt for the right type of bookcase for your living room, the only thing that matters is that it is spacious ...

Edis Curtain

Among the well-made bookstore companies there is certainly the Fimar brand, which also offers wall-mounted wooden ones.


If you always follow the new trends in furniture with dedication, this high-class wooden solution will be the ideal choice for you.

M5C61 mode

The Modo M5C61 wall system by Sangiacomo in matt lacquer will prove to be the optimal solution to complete your living room by combining ...

Speed Up 05

In the showroom you can find various current furniture models for the living area, just like this wooden bookcase among the modern wall ones.


The living area, par excellence, is the area of the house where you rest every day, chatting with friends and relatives, resting in solitude and ...


The living room, absolutely, the area of the house where he dedicates us to relax every day, having a chat with friends and relatives, resting in ...

M5C68 mode

You can use this furniture as a multifunctional support surface, for storing both everyday objects and typically decorative objects.

Sorvolo D 01 bookcase

This wooden proposal is ideal for giving personality to modern rooms thanks to a unique design and precious materials that are resistant over the ...

Composition 102Z

In the living room, a bookcase allows you to display and keep in order different objects, books and magazines, completing the atmosphere of the ...

Wall bookcases

In order to give you the opportunity to recreate a setting that fully satisfies you in the rooms available, we have a wide choice of current materials. Thanks to the affability of our interior decorators you will find the best quality furnishing solutions that are right for you, without forgetting those with wall bookcases . Followed by our store managers in the furniture sector, you will be able to solve style and space problems by choosing the furnishing compositions designed for you. In order to optimize housing structures, especially if they occupy limited spaces, it is necessary to choose the furniture according to the shape and size of the rooms. We work tirelessly to create furnishing compositions with bookcases designed for personal needs, even space-saving and made to measure.


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