Design kitchens in steel


With the Elmar design style furnishing compositions, you can interpret space with rationality, ensuring the practicality you need.

Ecletics 03 2

The Elmar Ecletica-03 2 kitchen in steel, durable composition and with a current aesthetic appearance, will prove to be the perfect purchase to ...

Slim 1

Remember that the room in question is a place subject to the action of humidity and heat: the model in the photo therefore requires proper ...

Ecletics 03 1

In our store you can touch our rich line of Design Kitchens with a peninsula of great personality signed by Elmar, always of excellent quality.

Lab 40 2

Visiting our store means seeing firsthand the most beautiful online Nova Cucina compositions on the market, to ensure a peaceful everyday life.

El 01

Among the various steel Design Kitchens of the firm available in the store, there are also those complete with electrical appliances, accessories and ...

Home 2

Keep in mind that the room in question is a place subject to the action of water vapor and heat: the model in the image therefore requires proper ...


The beautiful @HOME design kitchen by Elmar in matt lacquer in the photo, can be designed in multiple configurations, colors and finishes of great ...

Fly & Keaton 4

The purchase of one of our Design Kitchens allows a wide planning, as you can adapt it according to your most different practical and aesthetic needs.

Design kitchens in steel

With the aim of offering complete customer satisfaction, we provide assistance in the design, with the measurement of spaces and with delivery with assembly workers. We are the ideal place to get to know the best interior designers, take advantage of suggestions regarding new trends and decide which materials meet your needs. The furnishing compositions complete the indoor spaces, which is why it is always better to carefully evaluate the furniture. Transmitting personal tastes with furnishings will no longer be an obstacle thanks to the steel furnishing compositions available in the showroom, designed to find solutions to personal needs. We present a wide range of furnishings in different aesthetically beautiful textures, among which you can also find multiple Design Kitchens in steel . If you want compositions with Design Kitchens in different beautiful and resistant textures, do not miss the opportunity to visit us.


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