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We will guarantee you design offers. Discover discount furniture on ours Outlet . Enter Atelier Interni, Via Bustamonte 3 47890 San Marino in the province of San Marino and with the help of our professionals you will find design furnishings, tips for design style tables . Our professionals will help you design your home environments at best. We will be able to give you the support to better customize the interior of your home, to choose materials and styles of furniture. If you're looking for Design Tables for your home, come to our store. We are open: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00 and the afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00 and we are closed on Sunday. We provide a support service in the design, with a check visit to check the measures, and post purchase. For your needs, please contact Mr Paolo Biordi. If you visit us in our store, long-time professionals will show you pairing and furnish your home that meets your expectations.

Table with Aluminum Legs and Crystal Floor

Shangai Small

Tables, besides fulfilling an indispensable function, are able to enhance a place even impersonal. In the varied proposal of Reflex's Tables, we find ...

Stainless Steel Table Massello Table


Tables, apart from fulfilling a fundamental function, are able to emphasize a place even impersonal. In the diverse proposal of Bontempi's Tables ...

Tempered Glass Fixed Table


In living or in the local kitchen Tables are fundamental components that distinguish style and play an indispensable function. Come to our shop to ...

Table with Murano Glass Stand and Crystal Floor

Baboo 72

This Reflex Baboo 72 Glass Table Pattern warms up with its design style in the dining room's atmosphere. In living or in the kitchen environment ...


If you are going to replace Tables or buy them for the first time, we present the Unique Reflective Design Table. The Unique Reflective Design Table ...