Upholstered Armchair 180 Feeling of Vibieffe

  • Leather upholstered or leather upholstered armchair

Leather upholstered or leather upholstered armchair

Modern style for the Vibieffe 180 Feeling Upholstered Armchair, which we resell in our show, where you can choose all the elements to furnish your living. This product of leather upholstered armchairs conveys your living spaces with taste without neglecting technology. Solid and soft padding pad for the upholstered armchair 180 Feeling of Vibieffe in modern style. The salotti produced by Vibieffe perfectly equip the living area dedicated to socialization and rest. Meet in the living room where you will welcome your guests on this example of Vibieffe's 180 Feeling Padded Armchair.

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