Modern style lounge Rome

For your needs, please contact Mr. Paolo Biordi. Near Rome we will be able to offer support to decorate the environments best, to decide on materials and styles of furniture. We are open: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00 and the afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00 and we are closed on Sunday. If you visit us in our showroom, good architects will help you choose pairs and furnish your home in line with your taste. We provide a support service in the furnishing, with inspection for space measurement, and in the post-sale phase. Come see discounted furniture on ours Outlet . We will ensure compositions of the best brands. If you want a contemporary Salotti showroom in Rome and surroundings for your home, visit us. Enter Atelier Interni, Via Bustamonte 3 San Marino 47890 in the province of San Marino and, with our architects, you will find furniture of the best brands, proposed for modern salotti. Our architects will guide you to decorate your environments to the fullest.

Upholstered Fabric Sofa

Genius Gold

The Flex Team Flexi Team Flexi Team Pencil Sofa with Flex Team fabric lining is a feature of your living. Flex Team can give birth to sofas that are summed up in style and spontaneity, because beautiful is first and foremost comfort.

Leather and Fabric Armchair

430 Opera

Salotti is able to characterize the environment thanks to the rich offer of modules and volumes available. Great comfort for a Vibieffe branded armchair solution for your modern style lounges.

Swan corner sofa at Harvard


Swan's salons are the perfect environment for day-to-day socialization and relaxation. Soft and solid structure for the Swan corner corner sofa in modern style.

Swan Lario leather sofa


Swan knows how to create sofas that are sumptuous with elegance and simplicity, for beauty to be especially comoditic. In our show we have the Swan Lario Leather sofa.

Swan's modern sofa


The Swan Modern Swan Sofa Sofa with Swan Fabric Jacket will be the protagonist of your living. Meet Swan's Salons: you will leave behind the stress wrapped in a warm embrace.

Swan Jazz linear sofa


In the living rooms of all of us, the modern-style sofas from the Swan company meet personal needs. In the living rooms of all of us, the modern-style sofas from the Swan company meet personal needs.

Sofa with Swan's Kong Peninsula


Swan's Salotti catalog offers a variety of possibilities to embellish the interior in the name of praticity and aesthetics. To enhance the living of your home, we offer you one of the proposals for modern Swan business sofas.

Swan Nolita leather sofa


With leather upholstery, the Swan Nolita leather sofa in modern style is an example of excellence and creativity of Made in Italy. In store our store managers will guide you in choosing the Salotti, including the Swan Nolita leather sofa.

Corner sofa 235 XSmall by Vibieffe

235 XSamll

The Vibieffe 235 XSmall corner sofa with Vibieffe fabric upholstery becomes the star of your living room. In our exhibition center we sell the Vibieffe 235 XSmall corner sofa.

Sofa with Penisola 310 Identity of Vibieffe

310 Identity

In the living rooms of us all modern Vibieffe branded sofas meet specific needs. Vibieffe's 310 Vibieffe Identity Sofa with Vibieffe Fabric Coat will be the protagonist of your living.