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For your needs, please contact Mr. Paolo Biordi. We are open: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 13:00 and the afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00 and we are closed on Sunday. If you are looking for a Salotti Exc Sof store, visit us in our store, where you can find the various Exc Sof proposals we propose. Come see discounted furniture on ours Outlet . We also offer a design service, with inspection for measurements, and assistance after purchase. With our professionals you can choose how to decorate your home you dream and how to make the furniture you will buy. You will find Atelier Interni, Via Bustamonte 3 San Marino in the province of San Marino. We look after you in the selection of your furniture and accessories and we offer you a precise delivery and assembly service. In our store you will find the various proposals of the Exc Sof signature . Visit our store, a reference point for the Salons Exc Sof : the perfect place to get to know the most prepared furniture professionals who will accompany you in the selection of furnishings for your home.

Upholstered Sofa with Adjustable Backrest


Make yourself comfortable on Salotti's signature Exc Sof: you will leave behind the bad thoughts wrapped in a comfortable hug. In the Living Room ...

Upholstered Fabric Upholstered Armchair


The Exc Sof Fabric Armchair with Exc Sof fabric covering will be the protagonist of your stay. Exc Sof can design armchairs that are sumptuous of ...