Emmegi Fabric Key Chair

  • Upholstered Upholstered Office Chair

Upholstered Upholstered Office Chair

Key of Emmegi è An armchair proposed in three heights, to suit it with various functions: high è Directional, average è Operational and low è Suitable for conference / meeting rooms or as a visitor chair. In versions with medium to high 26-inch back; Equipped with 26-nbsp; armrests in aluminum die-cast with armrests covered in the same color or fully enclosed. In the low version there are steel rods armrests. La comodità è Guaranteed by the oscillating oscillating system that adjusts the body weight thanks to a telescopic lateral lever, to which the anti-shock blocking and release system is added. Available variants for the Emmegi Chair Chair Jacket are fabric, leather or leather eco-leather.

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