Office furniture Modern style

Upholstered Upholstered Office Chair


Emmegi's versatile Key Office Chair, available in a wide range of finishes to fit in different furnishing contexts.

Steel chair with fabric or leather seat


The Sulu chair by Emmegi furnishes its design and the chromatic variety available in the waiting rooms and receptions, providing comfortable seating ...

Chair in Steel with Seat in Polypropylene


A stackable four-legged chair that is well suited for conferences, offices, libraries or home environments.

Adjustable backrest chair


Aesthetics pleasing and somewhat flattering for Emmegi's office chair Flow, adding a glamorous touch to your work environments.

Removable Steel Shelf Wardrobe


Robustness and capacity for the Frezza Metal Closet, which in the office allows you to organize and archive all documents.

Wardrobe with Ante Battenti and Shelves


Frezza's Passepartout: a wardrobe, a thousand configurations dedicated to containment and archiving, thanks to internal modules and equipment ...

Glass Divider Wall

Kristal Evo

Made of durable laminated glass, Frezza's Kristal Evo partitions divide but keep the office environments in visual communication.